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The Story Behind Tracks

Longtime restaurateur, lifetime New Yorker and Irish-American, Bruce Caulfield always wanted to create a place that had the homey feel of a Irish pub, the quality of a fine dining establishment, and a great selection food and drinks at reasonable prices. Along with his father John and partners Patrick and Michael O’Brien, he made this a reality by building Tracks.

Restaurants and bars have always been a part of Bruce’s life and it’s how he met his partners, Patrick and Michael. Bruce’s grandfather owned a bar on 1st Avenue and 53rd Street in the 1930’s (where Parnell’s currently is), and both Pat and Mike worked there as porters in the 1980’s while in high school.

Bruce got to know them through the newsstand he owned on 2nd Avenue and 53rd Street, and it was there where they vowed to open a bar together some day. 

And 20 years later, the dream became a reality when they created Tracks.

One look around Tracks and you would notice how much time and effort was taking into creating the perfect place for enjoying a meal or hanging out for a drink after work. Tracks was a labor of love that required all Bruce's and the O’Briens' creativity and commitment. 

The care and attention to detail are showcased in the railroad theme found throughout Tracks, featuring old prints and murals related to the history of the LIRR - for train spotters a particular rare model of the 1964 World’s Fair subway is on display.